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Home Care Services Offered

home health care


Basic housekeeping duties include vacuuming, dusting, mopping, surface cleaning and kitchen and bathroom details, making sure all assigned areas of the home are clean, neat and tidy.

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CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant)

My service includes the following cooking, light house keeping, bathing, grooming, laundry, companion,vital signs, incontinent, ROM, ect

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I help organize your home to declutter closets, pantry, garage, bathroom, bedroom, ect.

senior home care tampa


We prepare healthy home cooked meals basic 4 food groups

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Assisted Living Support

At our facility, your loved one will receive focused care to make sure they feel at home.

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We maintain a very clean home so your loved one can enjoy a peace of mind of tranquility. 

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Staff to maximize independence and achieve recovery goals as quickly.

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider

Expert Home Care for Your Loved Ones

Cost Saving Solution

Often times, aging loved one is entered into a long-term facility when they are incapable of managing only a few aspects of their lives, such as meal prep or bathing because they lack the option.

Home care provides the detailed services that the elderly loved ones need at home, which can significantly reduce the cost of care.

Maintain Dignity

Although long-term care facilities try to offer the best experience possible, they can still fall short in many aspects of elder care; like sharing personal space (bedroom/bathroom) and having to deal with multiple caregivers in assisting with toileting and bathing.

The advantage of personal home care is that our caregivers have the privilege of building a trusting relationship consistently while receiving care in a more private setting.

Soothing to the Soul

Aging presents several challenges and obstacles, including losing a loved one as they age and pass away, losing the ability to drive, and losing their sense of independence.

Home care provides the comfort of being able to hold on to the things that matter the most while your loved ones are still getting the needed assistance and care needed – the familiar sense of home, the warmth, and comfort of their own bed, and the many memories left at the kitchen table throughout the years.

Safety Net

As our elderly loved one’s age, they face higher risks of falling due to loss of vision, hearing, balance, and mobility. In an unfamiliar facility, risks increase, including things like rugs or small steps that may not be anticipated.

Home care provides that sense of security in an environment they come to know well, which can reduce the risk of surprise, falls, and devastating and painful injuries.

Nurturing Relastionships

The sad truth is that many elderly ones seem to lose that loving relationship with their immediate families when they move out of their home.

With home care, this gives them the ability to be able to welcome guests, invite families overnight and have loving, enjoyable conversations without interruption. They are able to receive phone calls and house calls when they desire with no limits.

You Have A Choice

When looking for a healthcare system, home care serves an important role by permitting your loved ones an opportunity to make a decision about their care. When a person has been admitted into a facility, its very difficult for them to move out if they want to do so. Choosing home care keeps options open as long as possible.

Your Home Care Specialist

Mary Sabillena

Mary Sabillena


Workforce Advantage

Graduate Degree in Certified Nurse Assistant

Other qualifications, Certifications, and Credentials

CNA for NJ and FL, Basic First Aid and CPR, administering medication certified.

I love a rewarding and gratifying job as a caregiver where you can make a difference in someone’s life. I am a caring, kind, dependable, passionate, very patient and personable individual who desires to provide non-medical, in-home care to the elderly.

I am a licensed CNA with CPR/basic first aid certified, Certified for Dementia/Alzheimer’s. I have worked in the medical field for 30+ years. My schedule is subject to change periodically. Back ground and finger prints registered with the State of Florida. I am comfortable with some animals except cats highly allergic. I also offer traveling CNA if you need services while on vacation, going out of town. I am also available for last minute and holidays.

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